Anne and Clive express our heartfelt thanks to;

- Mandy and Roger Wyatt for their remarkable fellowship and warm friendship. Roger's skills have made this website possible.

- A dear and special friend Tony Tremellen, for his ever ready practical help. His generosity made so much possible in the early stages.


- For close friends and family; including, Christine and John Hall, Angela and Jeremy Andrews, Liz and Lily, Jon and Zoe, Emma and Rob, who gave us the initial encouragement.

- John at "Monkey Puzzle Repro Art" for help at the beginning.

- James at "SIXPRINT", near Helston, for his superb photography & skilled printing work. We highly recommend James and "Sixprint".

- Emma and Mark at "EATART", Falmouth, our Conservation Glaziers. We warmly recommend them.

- Maggi Gooding, a skilled potter ,and Hani Mros, a remarkable artist, both of whom helped us with warm encouragement and sound advice. Maggi can be found at the "New Street Gallery" in Penzance, and, Hani has a working studio on the harbour front at St. Ives.


- Wendy Litherland, at the "BLUE MIST" Gallery in St. Ives, Cornwall. Wendy welcomed us with amazing generosity and trust, gave us a remarkable opportunity to exhibit in her Gallery and try out all kinds of ideas. Her generous kindness and support has been a wonderful gift. Do please visit the “Blue Mist” Gallery to see a wide selection of locally made art and crafts at very reasonable prices.

- Bruce Kinsey, a generous-hearted and good friend, who first made us aware of the words; "Call us not weeds, we are flowers of the sea".

- Finally, Professor Michael Guiry, a world leader in the field of marine algae. His sound advice encouraged me into a new direction when things seemed bleak.

J.J and S.D.G