Our Product

Virtually all are collected from the tide-line, sometimes wading in to secure that elusive strand floating just out of reach!

These specimens, normally only seen in their natural environment by snorkelers and divers, have been dislodged by storms and wave action, so I need to act quickly as they easily damage and spoil.

Each pressed marine algae, represents many hours of work, using time-honoured methods. The process is painstaking; it cannot be rushed.

It took me nearly a year of trial and error to discover what works best. I use only acid-free papers and archival quality materials from trusted manufacturers. Very fine art brushes help to separate and display the tiny algal strands.

The ink is ‘Windsor & Newton’ Calligraphy ink, with an ‘A’ rating for permanence. We use specialist glazing which gives superb clarity and less than 1% light reflection. Each solid wood frame is painted and finished by hand.

After pressing, all marine algae will fade when exposed to light. Because of this, in each frame, we use high quality art prints of our specimens, with pressed examples, kept safe, within an accompanying "small wonder" Booklet. Because every pressed specimen is unique, each "small wonder" Booklet can never be duplicated.

I have a deep respect for the marine environment and it’s ecology. For every art work and card that is sold, a donation is made to the ‘Marine Conservation Society’. (www.mcsuk.org)